Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Woman

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Wanda Robert Caleb Mann

Character Details

Summary: Wanda Mann was first introduced in the Sandman story "A Game of You." As with so many early transgender comic characters, Wanda's representation is fraught with controversy. When the story was published in the 1990s, many interpreted Wanda as a positive trans representation. As Tash Wolfe notes, "many trans readers love the character of Wanda, who was even named one of the top LBGT comic book characters by Gay-Nerds.Com because of her compassion and loyalty to her friends." Neil Gaiman, the writer who created Wanda, explains that he created the character as an answer to transphobic critics who "dismiss trans women as not real women," but he acknowledges that if he "were writing it today, rather than in 1989, when there weren’t any Trans characters in comics, it would be a different story." Discussing plans for adapting Sandman for television, Gaiman says, "My biggest request to the Sandman showrunner for when we get to the season with 'Game of You' in it is that we have trans men and trans women in the writers' room. Not as consultants, but as writers." Wanda is not the only transgender woman in the Sandman universe. Several years later, the writer Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan (who is also transgender), introduced a trans woman named Echo into the book The Dreaming.

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