Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Girl

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Secondary

Alignment: Good

Character Details

Summary: Tong, a transgender girl who is a member of the Fantastic Four's Future Foundation, is a young member of a highly evolved species known as 'the Moloids.' In a charming, understated scene in FF #6, Tong announces to her siblings that she identifies as a girl. "I have a girl inside me," she says to her siblings. "I tried to be a boy like you, but there is no boy here, and I do not wish to be a boy any longer." Her brothers gather around her, embracing her in a group hug of unconditional love and support.

Database Links: Marvel Wiki, Gay League

Important Issues: Tong announces her identity as a transgender girl in FF #6. The initials in the title of this book stand for "Future Foundation" -- a group affiliated with the Fantastic Four.

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