Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Girl

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Rebekah Brueshoff

Character Details

Summary: A real-life activist fighting for trans rights, 13-year-old Rebekah Brueshoff was added to the Marvel Universe in 2019 as part of Marvel's Hero Project. As she explains on her web page, Rebekah Brueshoff "is a twelve year-old activist who is on a mission to spread a message of hope and improve support for transgender and LGBTQ youth. Rebekah is transgender. That means when she was born, everyone thought she was a boy, but she deeply know herself to be a girl." Rebekah "advocates for transgender and non-binary kids who are fighting for the right to be who they are in their homes, schools, and communities. Arts and crafts turned into making protest signs, and school writing assignments turned into speeches. By being an out and proud transgender young person, Rebekah helps make space for other kids to be themselves." Rebekah is the first transgender kid to become a Marvel hero. Note: Since Rebekah is a human teenager who lives in the real world, we were not sure if she would want to be included in this site. We contacted Rebekah and her mother and they gave us permission to include her so she can serve as an inspiring example for transgender people of all ages.

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