Character Overview

Gender: Non-Binary

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Bad

Character Details

Summary: The Aerie was kidnapped and transformed into a metahuman, driving them to join the Suicide Squad and become an anti-hero alongside the roster of former villains. They are one of the few non-binary characters currently in the DC Universe.

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Articles about The Aerie

The current Suicide Squad series has dropped more than a few bombs during its short run. A few issues ago, writers revealed that one time Blue Beetle and all-around nice guy Ted Kord has actually become a megalomaniac supervillain behind the Task Force X program. Suicide Squad #8 details Ted Kord's plan as well as provide the origin story of one of its newer heroes, The Aerie. (Read more)

Scott Shoyer, " Suicide Squad: DC's New Non-Binary Hero Finally Gets Their Origin Story," CBR, August 29, 2020.