Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Woman

Publisher: Image

Character Type: Secondary

Alignment: Good

Character Details

Summary: A fan-favorite transgender character in the space opera Saga, Petrichor helps rescue Hazel from a detention camp and becomes an important member of the family. As Jessie Earl writes in The Advocate, "Due to her having lived in two gender worlds, Petrichor empathizes with the lead character’s plight of being hunted for her biracial identity. Yet while being trans informs her character, it does not completely define it. She is a remarkable soldier, is easily the most well-trained of any of the lead characters, can do magic, and has saved the protagonists’ lives on numerous occasions." Though many transgender comic fans consider Petrichor to be inspiring, others object to the sensational reveal of her biological anatomy during her introductory shower scene. Although Petrichor is single and lonely throughout much of the story, a surprising plot twist emerges when she falls in love with Prince Robot IV.

Database Links: Image Comics DB, Gay League

Important Issues: In Issue #31 of Saga, Hazel stumbles across Petrichor in the shower, commenting "you've got an outie." Smiling kindly at the child, Petrichor replies, "I be Petrichor. And, yes, in here I be girl."

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