Character Overview

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Neutral

AKA: Raven Darkh├Âlme

Character Details

Summary: One of the oldest and most frequent X-Men villains in the franchise, Mystique has been featured in a wide variety of titles since her creation in 1978. While she has been in various relationships with characters such as Azazel, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Sabretooth, her most meaningful partner has always been Irene Adler (a.k.a. Destiny). As one of Marvel's earliest gay couples, they have played an important role in the X-Men franchise. However, despite their longstanding relationship, they never displayed physical affection until 2019 when the two kissed in The History of the Marvel Universe #2.

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Important Issues: After forty-one years in the Marvel Universe, Mystique finally shares a kiss with her long-standing romantic partner, Destiny, in History of the Marvel Universe #2.

Articles about Mystique

Both [Mystique and Daken] are shown to be powerfully seductive, however, we do not get to see this seduction or romance as part of the experiences of either character. With their villainous alignment, both characters are textually represented as attracted to both men and women and see them act on that attraction. Their sexuality is used mainly as a weapon, as deceit. It is framed as transgressive and more frequently than not a violation of those they attract, furthering the stereotype of sexually greedy or untrustworthy bisexuals. (Read more)

Everett Christensen, "The B- in X-Men is silent: Bisexuality & X-Men," Xavier Files, September 22, 2017.