Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Woman

Orientation: Lesbian

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Character Details

Summary: One of the few transgender comic characters to be created by a transgender writer (Rachel Pollack), Kate Godwin's name is an allusion to the pioneering work of Kate Bornstein and the activist Chelsae Goodwin. Sadly, it is difficult for contemporary fans to track down trade paperbacks with Kate Godwin because they do not exist. As Jude DeLuca explains in a piece for Comicosity, "If you’ve been paying attention to the Doom Patrol in the past two decades, you might notice a key oversight. That is, how transgender author Rachel Pollack’s time as their writer has been largely ignored by DC’s marketing and editorial teams. Even John Arcudi’s run and John Byrne’s critically lambasted run (which even received its own omnibus) have received more acknowledgment from the creative teams who came after than Pollack’s era does. So far, the one attempt to collect Pollack’s Doom Patrol issues in trade format was cancelled"  

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