Character Overview

Gender: Female

Orientation: Lesbian

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Lucy in the Sky (L.S.D.), Princess Justice

Character Details

Summary: Brian K. Vaughan's critically-acclaimed series Runaways begins with a bold premise: What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered that your parents and their friends are actually super-villains? The six teenagers who lead this ensemble book do what most of us might do in a similar situation: they connect with each other, run away from their families, and do their best to disrupt their parents' evil plans. Their team includes Alex Wilder (a hacker), Molly Hayes (a mutant gifted with Herculean strength), Gertrude Yorkes (an acerbic feminist with a telepathically-bonded dinosaur), Chase Stein (an engineer and a bit of a jock), Karolina Dean (an alien), and Nico Minoru (a powerful witch with a penchant for goth fashion). Although Karolina has dated several women over the years, her relationship with Nico is particularly significant. The first inkling of this can be seen in Runaways #7 (Volume 1, #7, 2005) when Karolina works up the courage to kiss her best friend, only for Nico to reject her advances. As the series continues, Nico and Karolina attempt to deny their feelings but the fact that they carry a torch for each other is as obvious to their teammates as it is to their faithful readers. Happily, the newest creative team (Rainbow Rowell and Kris Anka) decided to set things right 13 years after Karolina and Nico's tragic first kiss. In Runaways #12 (Volume 3, #12, 2018), the couple finally get together.

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Important Issues: Karolina openly admitted that she is attracted to women in Brian K. Vaughn's, Runaways #8.

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