Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Bisexual

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Neutral

AKA: Hellblazer

Character Details

Summary: A bisexual anti-hero who specializes in the supernatural and magical aspects of the DC Universe. A staple of DC comics who regularly crosses paths with other heroes such as Wonder Woman and Madame Xanadu, Constantine has also headlined his own comics series, high-budget movies, and a critically-acclaimed but ratings-challenged television show. He has entered into relationships with many other high profile magicians but they never seem to work out because magic always comes at a price.

Database Links: Wikipedia, DC Wiki, DC Comics

Important Issues: Constantine establishes his sexuality in Hellblazer #51 when he refers to having ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfiriends.

Articles about John Constantine

In an age where gay comic characters are revealed to the world in big, shock moments — and especially in a world where so very recently Constantine’s bisexuality was chosen not to be included in his (sadly short-lived) TV show — it’s cool to see a rarely-hinted at aspect of the character not just appear, but also be treated with a sense of normalcy. It’s not a major reveal or something a big fuss is made of, it’s just... there, and just another facet to a multifaceted character like Constantine. (Read more)

James Whitbrook," The new Constantine comic is way more comfortable with his bisexuality," io9, June 11, 2015.