Character Overview

Gender: Female

Orientation: Lesbian

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Secondary

Alignment: Neutral

AKA: Josephine

Character Details

Summary: Joey was a minor character that appeared in four issues of the Watchmen series. She was featured in issue 11, in which she and her girlfriend, Aline, argue in the street about their relationship before being killed by an alien monster. Joey is portrayed as a stereotypical "butch" lesbian and ridicules Aline for supporting gay causes. This series was published during the period that the Comic Code Authority (CCA) prohibited the depiction of “illicit sex relations,” “sex perversion,” and stories undermining the “sanctity of marriage," making this depiction ahead of its time but not unproblematic.

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Important Issues: In Watchmen #11, Joey and her girlfriend, Aline, argue on a street corner about their relationship shortly before dying

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