Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Robert "Bobby" Louis Drake

Character Details

Summary: Since his introduction as a founding member of the X-Men in 1963, Iceman was depicted as straight until a younger version of the character came out in 2015. The character, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, would go on to be featured in his own series, Iceman, in which exploring his sexuality is a major plot point. As a well-established and popular character in the Marvel comics, Bobby's coming out has been an important development in the increasing visibility of LGBTQ+ characters in comic books.

Database Links: Wikipedia, Marvel Wiki, X-Men Wiki

Important Issues: A younger version of Bobby was outed by a young Jean Grey in All-New X-Men (Vol. 1) #40. The two would go on to confront the older Bobby Drake in Uncanny X-Men #600 and learn that he has been closeted since he was a child.

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