Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Theodore "Teddy" Altman, Dorek VIII, Dorek Supreme, King of Space

Character Details

Summary: Hulkling is half of Marvel's most famous gay couple, along with his boyfriend Wiccan, as well as the rightful heir to the Skrull throne. Teddy's faith in Wiccan is shaken when the trickster god, Loki, leads him to believe that the love he feels may be artificially created by his reality-warping boyfriend. Hulkling goes on to become the "King of Space," uniting the Kree and Skrull empires.

Important Issues: Hulkling and boyfriend, Wiccan, accidentally come out to Wiccan's parents while trying to come out as superheroes in Young Avengers #7.

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