Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Gregorio De La Vega

Character Details

Summary: The first appearance of Extraño, literally translating to "strange" in Spanish, was a harmful representation of gay characters due to his depiction as an flamboyant, suicidal, and feminine man. He would go on to presumably die of HIV after battling a villain called the Hemo-Goblin. DC Comics revived the character in 2016 for the Midnighter and Apollo series, in which they resolved the problematic depiction of the magician. Extraño is currently married to Hugh Dawkins (the Tasmanian Devil) and the couple have a daughter named Suri.

Important Issues: While Extraño was portrayed as a flamboyant, gay man in The New Guardians in 1988, his sexuality was never discussed until he spoke about his husband in Midnigher and Apollo #1.

Articles about Extraño

You see, this magician wasn’t just gay, he was really gay. And the writers made sure we all knew he was really gay — without ever actually, you know, saying it. The CCA had lost some sway, but they didn’t drop their ban on LGBT content until 1989. Within the first few panels of The New Guardians, he made clear he would not be fathering children. After all, he was gay. He referred to himself as “Auntie,” called his teammates things like “my darling ones,” wore over-sized earrings, packed on the jewelry, dressed in long, flowing, flamboyantly gay clothes, heck even the way they drew him just screamed “GAY!” (Read more)

Curtis Harding, "Who was the first openly gay superhero? In defense of DC comics' Extrano," The Deep Geek, June 25, 2019.