Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Woman

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

Character Details

Summary: A transgender character in the comic Legion of Superheroes, Shvaughn Erin uses a chemical -- Profem-- to give her a female body. However, when the Profem runs out, Shvaughn transitions back into the body of a man and continues to date her boyfriend, Elemental Lad. When DC rebooted its original continuity, Shvaughn Erin was no longer identified as transgender and no longer romantically linked to Element Lad. Many critics have argued that this subplot repeats familiar tropes about transgender women, but some elements of Erin's character have resonated with trans readers. It would be nice to see someone revisit this character in a way that is more authentic to contemporary trans experiences. As Charlotte Finn writes, "If DC ever wants to revamp the series, it could do a lot worse than cast its eyes back to the more queer-friendly stories of yesteryear, and make sure that all the letters in LGBTQ are well represented."

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