Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Publisher: Image

Character Type: Secondary

Alignment: Good


Character Details

Summary: Doff is an intergalactic journalist that works alongside his partner, Upsher. The pair eventually joins the protagonists of the series to tell their story.

Database Links: Saga Wiki

Important Issues: Doff is revealed to be in a relationship with Upsher in Saga #17.

Articles about Doff

There is an explicit sex scene between Upsher and Doff. Like with the nudity of the trans woman Petrichor from #31, this scene is not meant to fetishize the characters but affirm their identity despite opposition. Upsher and Doff’s strongest resistance is to, even in secret, love themselves and each other. It’s a very powerful theme that can even relate back to Alana and Marko, two heterosexual characters that continue to love each other despite superpowers that want them apart. (Read more)

Ben Howard, "Gay love and investigative journalism in Saga #33," PopOptiq, January 29, 2016.