Character Overview

Gender: Male

Orientation: Pansexual

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Neutral

AKA: Wade Winston Wilson, The Merc with a Mouth, My Dope Ass Fresh Prince (By Jarvis)

Character Details

Summary: Since the success of the film Deadpool, debuting in 2016 with actor Ryan Reynolds playing Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth has become one of Marvel's most popular characters. In 2015, Deadpool comic writer, Greg Duggan, confirmed that Deadpool is attracted to "anything with a pulse." This was later supported by another Deadpool comic writer, Gail Simone, tweeting that she has always "thought of Deadpool as pansexual." However, despite the constant flirting with Marvel superheroes, such as Spider-Man, Thor, and Wolverine, Deadpool has only ever been portrayed in heterosexual relationships.

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