Character Overview

Gender: Transgender Woman

Publisher: Marvel

Character Type: Secondary

Alignment: Good

Character Details

Summary: Dr. Charlene McGowan is a transgender character who works with the Hulk. One of the few transgender characters in the Marvel Universe, she is a secondary character. Dr. McGowan begins her career working as a professor at Cal Tech but is fired from her job due to her drug use. She next works for one of the Kingpin's mutant growth hormone (MGH) laboratories an an attempt to gain access to black-market hormones. After the lab is raided by the U.S. military and Charlene is arrested, she joins a covert agency called U. S. Hulk Operations. Eventually, after the Hulk takes control of the covert agency, he asks Charlene to continue working on his team. Commenting on Dr. McGowan's revelation that she is transgender in Immortal Hulk #33, Brandon Zachary recently noted, "McGowan isn't a major character in the Marvel Universe, but her coming out as trans is still important."

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Important Issues: Dr. McGowan tells Doc Sampson that she is a transgender woman in Al Ewing's The Immortal Hulk #32.

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