Character Overview

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual

Publisher: DC

Character Type: Primary

Alignment: Good

AKA: Selina Kyle

Character Details

Summary: While Selina first appears as an enemy belonging to Batman's rogues gallery, she has since become an antihero with a complicated romantic relationship with the Dark Knight himself. She kisses fellow Catwoman Eiko Hasigaway in Judd Winnick's Catwoman series. However, the character has recently committed to a long term relationship with Gotham's caped crusader.

Database Links: DC Wiki, Wikipedia, DC Comics

Important Issues: Selina Kyle is confirmed bisexual in Catwoman #39 when she kisses Eiko Hasigaway.

Articles about Catwoman

Catwoman #39 was released yesterday and confirmed what many fans have guessed over the years about everyone’s favorite cat burglar. (Read more)

Katie Schenkel, "DC Comics' Catwoman is Officially Bisexual - Here's Why that's Important," The Mary Sue, February 26, 2015.

In the fifth chapter of Valentine’s magnum opus, fans were faced with a moment that for some, confirmed something they had always believed, and for others, was a shock to the system. With a single kiss shared between Selina Kyle and her erstwhile replacement Eiko Hasigawa, Catwoman was revealed to be bisexual a fact then discussed both in an interview with Comicosity and on Valentine’s own blog. To say this development pleased me would be an understatement. And not just the kiss, of course, but the readiness to acknowledge an iconic woman’s queer sexuality in canon had a profound effect on me... And yet I bristle at queerness needing to be confirmed through oral declaration or “proof of life” as I like to now call it — a kiss or other more graphic sexual activity between two people of the same gender identification. For a long time, these two factors were all I could accept in terms of passing the test of queerness. Once one of those factors arose, I was sold — unless of course (as was the case with Marvel’s Angela), a meta-textual push back into the closet occurred. (Read more)

Matt Santori, "Bi and bye: Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and the dilemma of reveal," Comicosity, October 25, 2016.